Visit Aruba: mini guide and tips

How to get to Aruba: flight information
I was in Aruba in July 2015. I traveled with American Airlines and it took me about 14 and a half hours to reach the island; prices for airline tickets to Aruba, if booked in advance, start at around € 600. I flew from Milan to Miami (about 10 hours) and then I took a second flight to the capital of Aruba, Oranjestad (about 3 and a half hours). Because of the stopover in the United States, I had to provide myself with an ESTA visa.

In general, if you also plan to make a stopover in the US, I recommend that you calculate that you have at least 2 hours between flights, because American security checks take a long time.

Even the control area in Aruba airport is sometimes very crowded, so my advice is to go there at least 3 hours before your return flight.

Time zone in Aruba
As far as the time zone is concerned, Aruba is behind Italy by 5 hours, being in the time zone called UTC-4. For example, if in Italy it is 5pm, in Aruba it is 11am.

Weather and climate of Aruba
The climate of Aruba is tropical and the sun shines all year round on the island. The average temperature is 28 ° C and the season with more rainfall is that which runs from October to January. The driest months are March, April and May. When I was in Aruba in July, the weather was always splendid except for a couple of very short afternoon cloud cover (lasted less than an hour), which never resulted in rain. To swim, the sea is warm all year round: the temperature goes from 26 degrees between January and April, to 28 October, on average.

The currency of Aruba
Those who decide to visit Aruba should know that the island’s currency is the Aruban florin, divided into 100 cents. The most characteristic coins and, at the same time, even the most used ones are those of 5 florins and 50 cents. It will be easy to recognize them by their square shape. However, it is not the only currency accepted. In fact, most merchants willingly accept American dollars, not to mention that it is possible to safely withdraw from the banks.

Getting around in Aruba
Visiting Aruba by public transport is very easy. The public service, Arubus, is available from the center of the city of Oranjestad to take you to every corner. Buses depart every 15 minutes starting at 5:45 am until 6:00 pm. Later departures are every 40 minutes. The service ends at 11.30pm. The goal of Aruba’s transport network is to provide a reliable and efficient service.

The cost of the round-trip ticket is 7 florins, equal to 4 US dollars and can be used for two trips.

What to do in Aruba
I thought of making a list of things to do for those who decide to visit Aruba:

Visit the Butterfly Farms
It is a real close encounter with nature and all its beauty: it is indeed a tropical garden in which to get lost in the wonder of the many butterflies, of all colors and of all species. In this enchanted place it is possible to admire the entire life cycle of these insects: from the creation of the egg to the chrysalis, passing through the larva to the butterfly. The Butterfly Farm is located in the famous area of Palm Beach, a short walk from the Aruba Divi Phoenix resort.
Visit the mysterious rock formations of Casibari
The Casibari Rock consists of a collection of unusual rock formations and is located about 3.2 km from Highway 4, the road that connects the north and south of the island of Aruba. It is not well known how and when it was formed: the only certainty is that then the Casibari Rock was certainly sculpted by the wind. It is no coincidence that its shapes resemble birds and dragons.

In order to allow a visit to this truly unique part of the island, the government has worked to make it possible for everyone to enter the heart of this enchantment of nature. The Casibari Rock rises above the desert landscape, giving the visitor a truly breathtaking panoramic view.

Visit the Aloe Vera Museum
You cannot leave Aruba without having paid a visit to his Aloe Vera Museum. This structure will allow you to experience one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. It is an enchanting journey to discover the production of aloe and its beneficial properties. In the end, you can also buy one of the products at the museum shop.
Visit the Archaeological Museum
The Aruba Archaeological Museum is located in Oranjestad. The structure exhibits finds from the most disparate historical moments: a true story of the island’s history through fossils, furnishings and works of art. Before booking a visit, remember to take a look at the site: throughout 2018 and part of 2019, it will remain closed for renovations.

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