Pay with a bracelet: Unipol Banca Letspay arrives

If you have been following me for some time, you already know: I am not a fan of cash, I always forget to withdraw at the counters, I would always pay with a credit card and usually with € 1 in my wallet. Both because I fear that they steal my money, and because I find that technology has made paper obsolete. Sweden has declared that in a few years it will become a cash-less country, and while I am looking for a way to move there I do my best to make my stay in Italy more bearable

This summer, in particular, I had the opportunity to try out Letspay from Unipol Banca – a smart bracelet that allows you to pay contactless, quickly and easily. In short, my new best friend.

Letspay is connected to a VISA debit card and works in exactly the same way, but it is worn on the wrist: once the card is received, simply unplug the chip and insert it into the rubber bracelet, to be ready to pay with a just hand gesture. It can be used for purchases of any amount and, just like a contactless card, for expenses below € 25 it does not require you to enter the PIN. Just approach the POS and the payment is done.

It is particularly convenient when traveling because it is practical and immediate and allows payments to be made in seconds.

It allows you to pay easily and quickly without having to take out your wallet: you can already guess the advantages of this technology! It’s perfect in situations where we might prefer not to open the bag because we don’t feel safe, or when our hands are busy and we should put our things around to pull the card out.

Even when traveling abroad, if we do not have the local currency with us, one arm movement will be enough to pay, and we will not need to turn with the wallet on the stock exchange.

At the sea it is equally convenient: with Letspay we don’t have to carry the bag with us to pay for ice cream on the beach.

You can use it for shopping, or to pay entry to the metro in turnstiles enabled for cards, like in London or Milan. Especially if we are running and we have to take the last train!

The Letspay bracelet is available in 9 colors: Black, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Pink, Fuchsia, Yellow and Aquamarine. It is adjustable and has a closure that makes it very safe. I chose it aqua green and I’ve used it several times in Milan.

You can request your Letspay bracelet in the nearest Unipol Banca branch, or directly from your internet banking, in the Virtual Shop section.

If you try it, let me know in which trip you will take it with you

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